Our Hummer Adventures


Before and After (same Hummer)

End of Southern - early 2004

Jemez Outing -early 2004

Hummer Happening in Phoenix, AZ

Clark stuck in the Rio Grande

Rio Puerco / busted halfshaft trip

Rio Puerco adventure Nov. 2004

Rio Puerco adventure Part 2

Socorro MudBog 2004

Misc photos

12/03 Pitre Hummer Happening / test track

Pitre Toys for Tots run Dec 2004

End of Southern - Dec 26 2004

Rio Puerco - Tumblweed Hell May 15, 2005

Rio Puerco June 2005

My 85 M998 HMMWV

Fixing a ruined keyway on a crankshaft

4-Wheeler Show Aug. 20, 2005

Military Day @ NM State Fair

Rio Puerco Oct 29, 2005

Sandias, fall 2005

Galles Davis Hummer Happening Jan, 2006

Phoenix Hummer Happening Feb 17, 2006

My HMMWV in a Movie Production

My HMMWV in another Movie

Hummer Dinner at Rudy's BBQ - Mar 2007

The World-Famous "Flying Hummer" Video!

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