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Below is an amazing article, Written by the editor of HomePower Magazine.
Please read it, It's Important, and has some Excellent Ideas to make our country
Energy Self-Sufficient once again.

I DO Agree Completely with the Idea of Ending our reliance on OIL and Using Renewable Energy,
I do However DISAGREE with his belief that we are involved in the Iraq War strictly for OIL.
A very small percentage of our oil comes from Iraq anyway. I think we will legitimately Pay for
the Iraq oil, which is fine, but we really don't need it.
Personally, I am extremely happy that we went in and Kicked Saddam's ASS and freed the Iraqi

Lee Maisel (
Looking Down the Barrel...
Richard Perez
(C) 2003 Richard Perez
There are all sorts of barrels. Lately we're looking down two types, gun
barrels and oil barrels. And we see the same thing at the bottom of each: darkness. War is intimately connected with both types of barrels. We use the gun barrels to ensure the full oil barrels.
Another War for Oil
It's highly likely that by the time this article is published, the United States will be involved in another war. The Bush administration has convinced Congress, many of our allies, and the United Nations that it's time to go to war against Iraq. While propaganda asserts that the justification for this war is domestic and international security, many of us suspect the real motive is our lust for oil.
Since 9/11, this nation's concerns regarding security are understandable. America was attacked by a faceless, stateless enemy- an enemy that can barely be identified, let alone located and brought to justice. America has come to know fear in a way that it never has before. Emotionally, we want something to be done. We want those responsible to be identified, caught, and punished, and we want to retaliate so we can once again feel in control and secure. But will war with Iraq accomplish this? In my opinion, no.
While Iraq is obviously a state that enslaves its own people, and probably would enslave other nations if it were able, it has never been shown to be directly responsible for the attacks on the U.S. that occurred on 9/11. The enemy we faced on 9/11 has no distinct nationality. Iraq is merely a convenient and available target. A war in Iraq will not bring the perpetrators of 9/11 to justice any more than it will protect us against future attacks. A war with Iraq does give the U.S. the opportunity to flex its military muscle, ensure a more constant supply of cheap oil, and probably most important, distract its citizens from the sad state of our ailing economy. A war with Iraq isn't a war for security, it's a war for control and profit.
Follow the Money
It's a certainty that the terrorists who attacked the U.S. on 9/11 were financed by oil money. The war toys employed by the Iraqis were bought with oil money. So, once again, we're entering into a war where Americans pay for both sides of the conflict-we finance our enemies every time we fill our gas tanks, and we
finance our own war machine every time we pay our taxes.
Consider how this situation might be different if oil was removed from the equation. International terrorists
would not have access to the wealth necessary to carry out their schemes. They wouldn't be playing with
missiles and chemical and biological war toys. And the citizens of America would be more economically secure by saving the billions spent on oil and the military might necessary to ensure its constant supply.
Homeland Security?
After living in the mountains and off-grid for more than 30 years, I've come to know that the foundation of security is self-sufficiency. Harvesting your own renewable energy ensures that your electricity supply is secure. Growing a garden and raising your own livestock ensures your food supply. Working for yourself ensures your income. Self-sufficiency is the shortest and most definite path to security.
Consider self-sufficiency on a national level. During the last fifty years, the U.S. has lost its self-sufficiency. It
has gone from being a creditor nation to being a debtor nation. We are no longer able to produce all we need. Instead we must pay other nations to supply our needs. This has ruined our once robust economy and the industrial base on which it rests.
Energy, mostly in the form of oil, is the dominant factor in this change. Energy runs as a common thread through every product and service we use. Our appetite for oil has sent billions of dollars out of this country, never to return. Our appetite for oil has financed the war machines of our enemies, forcing us to spend more on our own defense than the next ten lesser nations combined. The exhaust from our vehicles has ruined
our economy as well as our environment, and now it's ruining our peace.
If we want to make our homeland secure, we must first make it self-sufficient. Since energy is the dominant cause of our insecurity, energy is the place to begin our drive towards self-sufficiency and security.
Only renewable energy offers us the energy self- sufficiency we need. In a few hours, the sunlight hitting the earth supplies more energy than the entire United States will consume in a year. The energy is there, and it's freely supplied by nature-all we need to do is intercept it, convert it, and use it.
The equipment needed to turn sunshine into usable energy was pioneered by American industries. We
already know how to do this, and were once the largest producer of this equipment in the world. We should
regain this status. We can make this nation energy self-sufficient through the use of renewable energy, and revive our economy by exporting RE technology to other nations.
This isn't just a matter of high technology devices such as photovoltaics, but also of known and proven low-tech approaches, such as biodiesel. Our transportation system now runs on oil. This oil is imported from other nations, and paying for it has ruined our economy and our peace. Consider what would happen if we were to shift our primary transportation fuel from oil to biodiesel. Our fuel could be grown locally on American farms. Our fuel supply would be secure and under our own control. The money spent on fuel would go to American farmers, not oil producing nations who bear us ill will.
On the environmental side, biodiesel offers us an annual carbon cycle-the carbon dioxide produced by burning this year's fuel crop will be fixed by the growth of next year's fuel crop. Compare this very short, one- year, carbon cycle with that of petroleum's hundred- thousand-year cycle. This is a surefire recipe for fuel self-sufficiency that yields security, and thereby peace.
Turn to the Sun!
What can one person do? It's obvious that we cannot rely on our oily government to embrace renewable energy and thereby lead us to energy self-sufficiency, security, and peace. Fortunately, renewable energy is something we can do for ourselves. We will make this transition one roof at a time, one vehicle at a time, one farm at a time. We can do it. And we must do it, for no one else is going to do it for us.
We should turn to the sun to stop the flow of our wealth overseas. We should turn to the sun to deny our enemies the wealth they need to attack us. We should turn to the sun to revitalize our economy. We should turn to the sun to clean our environment. We should turn to the sun for peace.
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